Who am I?

As you’ve probably guessed already, my name is Simen. Most likely, you’ve also figured out that I’m interested in technology. Other than writing code and exploring the world of computers, I enjoy climbing, biking, walking and macro photography.

But anyway, how on earth did I end up writing code? It’s probably best to start at the beginning. Already in kindergarten, one of my friends’ parents said that Simen is “the kid who always turn the toys upside down trying to figure out how they work.”

When I was about nine years old, pretty much everyone at school had their own Piczo site. Most of my friends quickly lost the interest in maintaining a website no one visited, but I kept going. Within a year, the front page could be used as a browser benchmark due to the huge amount of Flash animations, games, JavaScripts and GIFs. Of course, I didn’t know much about coding back then, so almost all the code was just copypasted. Still, it got me interested in creating stuff on computers.

A few years later, in sixth grade, a friend showed me how to make a simple web browser in Visual Basic. Within a year or so, I’d made loads of more or less useless apps, including a file hider and a transparent screen locker. I never followed tutorials blindly or anything, I just tried and failed, over and over, until it worked.

Since then, I’ve made a whole bunch of stuff. In terms of users, Heads-up Notifications is probably my most successful app, with over a million downloads. I’m also working with Kimera Systems to bring next-generation AGI to your phone (closed beta at the moment). When I’m not busy making my own apps, I study computer science at NTNU.