Download from Google Play This game is intended as a joke. Please don’t take it too seriously.

Have you downloaded a game from the top charts recently?

Noticed how almost all of them are free to download, but you’re constantly bombarded with ads and shops where you can buy stuff that makes the game much easier to win?

Well, here’s a game that takes all this waaay too far. You’ll get:

☑ A hillarious gameplay! ☑ A shop where you can buy stuff! ☑ Ingame currency! (exchange from USD available) ☑ Global leaderboards! ☑ Ads! ☑ Stupid jokes!

Think you’ve got what it takes to become a master in the Age of Freemium? Download now (for free) and find out!

Created by Even Klemsdal and Simen Burud as a little side project. Don’t expect support or updates, but you can still shoot us an email at ;)

Warning: this game lets you buy ingame currency for real money, but remember that it’s a one-way transfer. Please think before you spend money on freemium games.

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