In the changelog for Heads-up 1.9.2, I mentioned a little surprise for you. Many of you found it, some of you thought you found it, and some didn’t find it. And all of you must have been sharing this app like crazy, because we’ve got a few thousand (!) new users now! If you haven’t found the egg yet, there’s a little hint in the screenshot on the Heads-up post.

However, some of you were unable to play the game due to a bug. I’ve found the bug now, and it’s related to the RTL (right-to-left) layout somehow. This bug is present in Lollipop’s original Easter egg as well. Anyway, removing RTL support from the app seemed to be the only way to fix it. But I can’t remove RTL on Heads-up, so I decided to release a non-RTL version of the game here. It’s an APK, no unnecessary permissions, and you even get to play on the same scoreboard as everyone else.

Download Lollipop easter egg game (APK)

Update: The source code is available at GitHub/SimenCodes/LolliEgg.


Lockscreen S “You have reached level 2” lockscreen prak Level 2 lockscreen prank As well as providing the game to everyone, I’m launching a little prank/pun you can play on your friends. (Especially if your friends constantly try to unlock your device.)

When someone fails to unlock your device too many times, they’ll be greeted with a message telling them they have reached level 2, followed by a game featuring the famous “lockscreen dots”. It’s the same game as the one above, complete with scoreboards, etc.

Download Level 2 game (APK)

If you have any questions, or you want the source code, just email me!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!