[Update: Postboks is no longer available]

By now, you’re probably aware that Google’s Inbox app is closing. And for me at least, “all your favorite features” are definitely not available in the new and shiny Gmail app, or any other app I’ve tried for that matter. And I believe I’m not the only one who feels this way. So what do we do about it? Well… we make our own email app!

The Postboks project is about doing just that – building a worthy replacement for Inbox. And once we get there? Keep building and make it better than Inbox ever was.

Gmail and Inbox in split-screen mode. At a glance, Gmail makes it look like I don’t have anything in my mailbox, while the truth is that I need to reply to fifteen or so new people who want to join this project, and it’s time to pay my hosting provider to keep this website online. Also notice: everything I don’t need to deal with now is out of sight, out of mind.

Want to help make this happen?

Making an app is quite a lot of work, and I’m just one student with an idea. I’ve built a reasonably solid base for the app, and made sure the absolute basics work: your emails are displayed (in bundles!), you can read them, download attachments, and maybe most important: the app simply cannot delete your emails permanently (*it can put emails in the trash though, so if anything goes missing, check there within 30 days).

However, I need your help with a few things:

  • Testing. Join the beta, try Postboks, and send me an email with as much details as possible whenever something goes wrong. Please try to include: what you tried to do, what you expected the app to do, and of course what the app actually did.
  • What features do we want? I know what I want, but what features do you want in an email app? You probably have ideas or opinions on what we should make and how it should behave, look, etc. Tell me about them! Many of the most awesome features in my other apps started with an email containing a cool suggestion.
  • Any designers out there? I know how to write code, but I don’t have much design experience. Send me an email if you’d like to get involved in designing Postboks.
  • Want to help out with the code? Postboks wil become an open-source app soon, I just need some time to make the code base ready for publishing.

Try Postboks now

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