• I use Google Analytics to track site visits and statistics. This information simply can’t be used to identify individual users.
  • If you leave a comment, the information you enter into the form will (obviously) be sent to the server in order to publish your comment.
  • Takeoff submits all scores over 1500 points automatically. Player name will be stored in the highscore table, but only the top scores will be displayed in public.
  • The scoreboards of the Lollipop easter egg will store device model, name and your score.


  • Calm connects to a third-party advertising network whenever you open the app (to serve ads), but it doesn’t share anything with the ad network.
  • Presis and prosjekt lokalhistorie collects crash reports automatically. These reports usually contain information about what you were doing in the app right before the cash along with some technical information about your phone.
  • Age of Freemium has its own privacy policy.

My other sites/apps does not collect any information whatsoever.

That’s it! For once, you’re reading a privacy policy written by someone who actually does care about your privacy.

I’m not an expert on writing legal texts, so if anything is unclear, send me an email at