Postboks Privacy Statement

One-sentence summary: Postboks is a local-only email client for Android that connects directly to Gmail to let you easily manage your emails.


  • “App” and “client” refers to the Postboks application that you download and install to your device.
  • “Email provider” refers to the email service where you keep your emails. For now, that means Gmail by Google.
  • “Emails” refers to the email messages you have stored with your email provider, including metadata, message texts/contents and attachments.
  • “Postboks server” refers to any backend server operated by Postboks.
  • “Third parties” refers to anyone else than you, Postboks and your email provider.
  • “Usage statistics” refers to measurements of the app’s performance and what features are being used. Such information is completely anonymous, and does not include data derived from your emails or other personal data.

Data processing

The Postboks app will read and modify your emails by connecting directly to your email provider. This access will be used to let you read, manage and reply to emails in the Postboks app. Access to your emails will not be used for any other purpose.

Your emails, as well as any data derived from your emails, will never be communicated to third parties. Postboks servers do not access your emails nor any data derived from them.

Postboks may collect anonymous crash reports and usage statistics. This helps make decisions about what parts of the app to improve. Such reports and statistics will not be used for any other purpose than improving the app.

Changes to privacy practices

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time. The app will notify you about changes to how Postboks processes your emails, and give you a chance to stop using the app before such changes come into effect.

If you have questions, please contact