Android-kurs @ Hackerspace vår 2018

Another Android tutorial! This one focuses on the things I felt were glossed over back when I first learned Android myself. It was made as part of a workshop back in 2018, but it should be detailed enough for you to follow online too. If you get stuck, feel free to reach out to me at

Welcome! Today we’ll learn the basics of Android app development.

We’ll name our app Deadline, and implement the following:

  • A button to set the deadline for your project or whatever
  • Display hours left until deadline
  • An animation like the one above
  • Remember the deadline you set
  • Share the deadline with others (so you can get help procrastinate)

Start: Hello Android Studio!



Note: you can switch to Kotlin from Java at any time by opening MainActivity, selecting Code → “Convert Java file to Kotlin file”. To switch to Java, you need to download the solution for the previous step you completed.